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In: The Educator CEL For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet January 1959 Since the beginning of October, we initiated a number of considerations and adjustments that aim to give reason not deal with those who at home or elsewhere do not think like us, but to continue patiently in our teaching, this trial and error that, well, already carries its generous share of fruit.

Our review is not, or at least not yet, a review extension. We must still prowling quite our tools and techniques acclimate in classrooms we say traditional for them one day soon to everyone. It is this common experience, are the vicissitudes of this trial and error we brew length in our classrooms, in our meetings, our training, our Congress, in our newsletters and in our review.

It is also necessary, so that the experience is beneficial, as many of us know where we go and what we want to place at the right signs, green lights and red lights. It’s not enough to say that we must immerse ourselves in a spirit Modern School. If we do not say how to acquire this spirit, we might suggest that he is a mysterious grace that we do not know the secrets.

This spirit is acquired even our educational course work, but mainly the result of a new conception of the psychological processes and behavior, a new psychology, a philosophy at once school and outside school, on a new formula for our function of men and educators. This is because I understood so long that I have personally written so many articles in which I tried to broaden and deepen our horizon and I have matured for hiding my two books: the Labor Education, Psychology and sensitive test applied to Education, which can be the basis for our research.

Education Labor is exhausted and we think republish the future. The comrades who read Psychology sensitive test are better equipped to move towards the psychological and philosophical research that supports, prepares and explains our school spirit Modern. It is undeniable, however, that a permanent reconsideration is needed. Life walk fast.

New problems arise at any moment, which we must seek a solution and also remains to be done – delicate and laborious – the fight against outdated systems, which for them the tradition and authority, these mountains against which it is miracle we could create a shock and a nibble to continue and strengthen. The shaking was first produced here.

Many comrades who intuitively grasped the meaning, scope and resources of this school spirit Modern, which they know imbue their own conduct, the articles they write, the best website for collage homework
explanations they give, they animate internships . And now some of them want today exceed this intuition to go to knowledge. One step, perhaps final, and starts and we welcome that.

This is our Friend Bohec, Tregastel (Cotes-du-Nord), which is leading the way by writing; (The Educator Bohec destined to a single call; I apologize for giving his entire letter, so I think the fundamental and decisive): “I have received your letter (Elise Freinet) which recommended me reading of “phenomenon” of Teilhard de Chardin. I read during the summer holidays, insufficiently I think because I’ve read it three times and for many equate it would have taken me another two new readings.

But however it was enough to understand why Freinet recommend both. There is as a biological justification of our techniques. It concerns both techniques applied to children and research methods in the I.C.E.M. These are the life processes. Reading the book of Teilhard de Chardin, I kept thinking: “Freinet is right.” I found a lot of interesting ideas.

Many, that’s saying; they abound. Here is one example: “The tiger has pushed improving its claws to a degree of perfection. Man, like other animals, has worked to improve one of its organs, but what made the difference in his case, it is the brain that has been the beneficiary. ” I thought immediately establish an analogy socially.

What is a teacher? A worker like the others, that improves his job as other workers. Only it makes all the difference is that his effort tends to improve educational techniques, which currently seems to me essential.

I always extend our discoveries in extra-curricular areas. Freinet is right when he writes – in his letter where I feel so much agree with him – “If our ideas were only valid for pedagogy, they would soon be condemned.” It is true; I had not yet realized; they have a universal character. This I feel, but still very confused.

In this regard, I would like to enrich me, educate me increase my knowledge. We now have to Modern School a crowd of facts of experience – among other psychological facts that are so neglected by scientists – (and they claim to explain the world). Well, I feel the need to see these facts extended, hung up in large ensembles, not to insert force to previously established ideas of groups, but to see invigorate existing theories, and the need to spark new.

I speak bad, very bad; I like the young child who needs a language immersion to acquire language. I thought I need a bath for better understanding. We must be so many to Modern School to feel the need to grow, to expand, to become universal. Do the comrades interested, let: the philosophical foundations of Freinet techniques can try to pool their knowledge to join their infinitesimal spark of genius to make fireworks?

I think a working notebook – new and effective formula – would be useful. ” The Bohec sends us the following call: Several comrades would launch a working specifications relating to “Philosophical Foundations of Freinet Techniques”. It would discuss among friends and not among people superiorly rigged.

Everyone would share his thoughts, his discoveries, his questions from the facts of experience, because, true to the spirit of our techniques, we want from the facts of life to enrich us cooperatively. Let each of us brings to his little buddies part of the master horizons and perhaps unexpected will open. If you want to receive this book, even if initially you do not intend to write it, send your address to THE BOHEC – Tregastel, which will establish the circuit.

The working notebook has the advantage that the comrade who receives is morally obliged to include it in his mind two days to forward it. If the number of friends interested in this initiative, I would say fundamental, not more than a dozen, we will ask the Bohec in a week, to launch its working notebook. But it seems that we should have several hundred entries, so we are rich in curious personalities and idealistic, concerned, as The Bohec progress deep to enrich and universalize.

In this case, we polygraphierions comrades interests and we send long circular. But we would add to each circular a white sheet, rolling, you should obligatorily send us your participation, however humble it may be. The service would be automatically suspended which would have stalled the chain. Why then, think a majority of our readers do not trust this research Educator where such a section would be valuable?

Because, whether we like it or not, is already Educator journal, where you do not write anything and anyhow. There are many comrades – and the Bohec for paradoxical as it is, is the number – who have more than interesting ideas, who write us letters of four or eight pages, but will be paralyzed if we ask them Article ten lines.